Jeff Henrikson

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This paper defines and discusses the Hausdorff metric on the space of nonempty, closed, and bounded subsets of a given metric space. We consider two important topological properties, completeness and total boundedness. We prove that each of these properties is posessed by a Hausdorff metric space if the property is possesed by the underlying metric space.(More)
Based on observations of longitudinal changes in dental arch dimensions, it has been stated that an individuality of arch form and an integrity of this form exists. However, longitudinal studies evaluating arch form changes have rarely been reported in the literature. The purpose of this investigation was to use a computer-assisted method for the(More)
Increased understanding of off-grid renewable energy technology (RET) performance can assist in improving sustainability of such systems. The technologies for remote monitoring of RET deployments in developing countries are promising with various configurations and usages being tested. Recent applications of remote monitoring technologies in Malawi, Gambia,(More)
In 1,733 patients, 2,054 carotid phonoangiographic and oculoplethysmographic studies were performed. Seventy of these patients required carotid endarterectomy either for symptoms or for severely ulcerated plaques. Of these, 12 had bilateral procedures. This review suggests that noninvasive studies can be helpful in determining which patients should undergo(More)
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