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Bootup time is a very important issue in the DSC System because customers want to capture immediately specific image. In this paper, we present the experience of the implementation methods and the performance evaluation results for reduction of bootup time which was used in SAMSUNG DSC platform. At first we introduce the DSC platform and development(More)
Large projects need scalable, performant, and robust software configuration management systems. If common revision control operations are not cheap, they present a large barrier to proper software engineering practice. This paper will investigate the theoretical limits on SCM performance, and examines how existing systems fall short of those ideals. I then(More)
Full docking station support has been a feature long absent from the Linux kernel—for good reason. From ACPI to PCI, full docking station support required modifications to multiple subsystems in the kernel, building on code that was designed for server hot-plug features rather than laptops with docking stations. This paper will present an overview of the(More)
heterarchies represent different modalities of organizing that have been little researched. Drawing on complexity theory and the main features of complex evolving systems (CES), this paper sets out to remedy this imbalance by showing that heterarchies feature highly decentralized and relatively stable interactions which are coordinated through an emergent(More)
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