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Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science
Empirically analyzing empirical evidence One of the central goals in any scientific endeavor is to understand causality. Experiments that seek to demonstrate a cause/effect relation most oftenExpand
The Effects of Traditional and Social Earned Media on Sales: A Study of a Microlending Marketplace
Marketers distinguish three types of media: paid (e.g., advertising), owned (e.g., company website), and earned (e.g., publicity). The effects of paid media on sales have been extensively covered inExpand
Microfinance Decision Making: A Field Study of Prosocial Lending
Microfinancing, or small uncollateralized loans to entrepreneurs in the developing world, has recently emerged as a leading contender to cure world poverty. Our research investigates theExpand
Intuitive Biases in Choice versus Estimation: Implications for the Wisdom of Crowds
Although researchers have documented many instances of crowd wisdom, it is important to know whether some kinds of judgments may lead the crowd astray, whether crowds' judgments improve with feedbackExpand
Variety Amnesia: Recalling Past Variety Can Accelerate Recovery from Satiation
Consumers frequently consume items to the point where they no longer enjoy them. In a pilot study and two experiments spanning three distinct classes of stimuli, we find that people can recover fromExpand
Correcting the past: failures to replicate ψ.
Across 7 experiments (N = 3,289), we replicate the procedure of Experiments 8 and 9 from Bem (2011), which had originally demonstrated retroactive facilitation of recall. We failed to replicate thatExpand
Slow Down! Insensitivity to Rate of Consumption Leads to Avoidable Satiation
Consumers often choose how quickly to consume things they enjoy. The research presented here demonstrates that they tend to consume too rapidly, growing tired of initially well-liked stimuli such asExpand
The Effect of Inequality Frames on Support for Redistributive Tax Policies
Over the past 30 years, income inequality has increased markedly in the United States (Mishel, Bernstein, & Boushey, 2003). Despite widespread agreement that current levels of income inequality areExpand
Is Variety the Spice of Life? It All Depends on the Rate of Consumption
Is variety of the spice of life? The present research suggests that the answer depends on the rate of consumption. In three experiments, we find that, whereas a variety of stimuli is preferred toExpand