Jeff G. Reifenberger

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Conformational changes within myosin lead to its movement relative to an actin filament. Several crystal structures exist for myosin bound to various nucleotides, but none with bound actin. Therefore, the effect of actin on the structure of myosin is poorly understood. Here we show that the swing of smooth muscle myosin lever arm requires both ADP and(More)
We simultaneously measure both the step size, via FIONA, and the 3-D orientation, via DOPI, of the light-chain domain of individual dimeric myosin VIs. This allows for the correlation of the change in orientation of the light chain domain to the stepping of the motor. Three different pairs of positions were tested using a rigid bifunctional rhodamine on the(More)
We measured the anisotropy of Tb 3+ and Eu 3+ in various chelate complexes bound with or without a carbostyril antenna. The anisotropy of the lanthanides depends on the chelate as well as whether the antenna is present. The anisotropy of Eu 3+ bound to only a chelate is high while for Tb 3+ the anisotropy is nearly zero. For Eu 3+ , the anisotropy decreases(More)
We obtained experimental extension data for barcoded E. coli genomic DNA molecules confined in nanochannels from 40 nm to 51 nm in width. The resulting data set consists of 1 627 779 measurements of the distance between fluorescent probes on 25 407 individual molecules. The probability density for the extension between labels is negatively skewed, and the(More)
In their letter to PNAS (1) and with further material referenced online (2), Sun et al. list three criticisms of our recent work (3). First, they mention that the artifactual dipole transitions between upper and lower hemispheres are reported in J. G. Re-ifenberger's PhD thesis (4) but not in our paper (3). These events are rare and not associated with(More)
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