Jeff G. Klingman

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IMPORTANCE Statin use during hospitalization is associated with improved survival and a better discharge disposition among patients with ischemic stroke. It is unclear whether inpatient statin use has a similar effect among patients with intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). OBJECTIVE To determine whether inpatient statin use in ICH is associated with improved(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Statins reduce infarct size in animal models of stroke and have been hypothesized to improve clinical outcomes after ischemic stroke. We examined the relationship between statin use before and during stroke hospitalization and poststroke survival. METHODS We analyzed records from 12 689 patients admitted with ischemic stroke to any(More)
BACKGROUND Statin administration early in ischemic stroke may influence outcomes. Our aim was to determine the clinical impact of increasing statin administration early in ischemic stroke hospitalization. METHODS AND RESULTS This is a retrospective analysis of a multicenter electronic medical record (EMR) intervention to increase early statin(More)
We used a commercially available robotic laboratory workstation to quantitatively study excitotoxic neuronal injury in cell culture. A Beckman Instruments Biomek 1000 was programmed to perform both timed exposures to excitatory amino acid agonists, and kinetic assay of the resultant efflux of lactic dehydrogenase from damaged neurons, using 96-well culture(More)
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