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OBJECTIVES To examine the change in uptake of interventions to reduce transmission of HIV from mothers to infants from January 1994 to July 1997. DESIGN Review of mother-infant pairs who presented for infant diagnosis of HIV infection. SETTING Central London hospital with facilities for diagnosis of infant HIV infection. SUBJECTS 57 consecutive(More)
Preface The Model Quality Report in Business Statistics project was set up to develop a detailed description of the methods for assessing the quality of surveys, with particular application in the context of business surveys, and then to apply these methods in some example surveys to evaluate their quality. The report is divided into four volumes, of which(More)
Attached, please find the meeting minutes of the FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel open meeting held in Arlington, Virginia on November 15 16, 2006. This report addresses a set of scientific issues being considered by the Environmental Protection Agency pertaining to studies evaluating the impact of surface coatings on the level of dislodgeable arsenic,(More)
 Our approach to emotion in school mathematics draws on social semiotics, pedagogic discourse theory and psychoanalysis. Emotions are considered as socially organised and shaped by power relations; we portray emotion as a charge (of energy) attached to ideas or signifiers. We analyse transcripts from a small group solving problems in mathematics class, and(More)
  • Jeff Evans
  • International journal of older people nursing
  • 2010
Older people sit at the centre of a unique constellation of factors that combine to increase their vulnerability to the negative effects of catastrophic events. The aim of this paper is to explore some of the factors that underlie this vulnerability. Attention will be directed at three broad factors that will be discussed in some depth, namely poverty, long(More)
AIM To investigate whether pre-invasive and invasive cancer detection rates were improved in Wales after the introduction of two views at incident screens. METHODS The records of women attending follow-up screening for 2 years before and 2 years after the introduction of two-view incident screening were analysed. Cancer detection rates were compared(More)
Clinical effectiveness has become embedded into healthcare in the last decade. In juxtaposition with this philosophy lies health economics with its mantra of resources being finite, whilst the need for healthcare remains infinite. An outline of a provocative cost-benefit analysis is provided to increase the knowledge of health economics for those working in(More)