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* This project is supported by NSF under grant number IIS-0534065 ABSTRACT Solving complex global problems such as illegal immigration, border control, and terrorism requires government organizations at all levels to share not only data but, more importantly, knowledge pertinent to decision support, problem solving and activity coordination. Responding to(More)
This paper presents an ontology management system and ontology processing techniques used to support a distributed event-triggered knowledge network (ETKnet), which has been developed for deployment in a national network for rapid detection and reporting of crop disease and pest outbreaks. The ontology management system, called Lyra, is improved to address(More)
Government agencies globally are facing problems such as illegal immigration, terrorism, and disease diagnosis and control. Solutions to these problems rely heavily on collaborating organizations’ ability to effectively and efficiently share not only data but also knowledge embedded in organizational and interorganizational policies, regulations and(More)
This paper presents the goal, accomplishments and research issues of an NSF project. The project aims to develop a distributed event-triggered knowledge sharing network (ETKnet) for government organizations to share, not only data and application operations, but also knowledge embedded in organizational and inter-organizational policies, regulations, data(More)
The cell wall of Trichosporon cutaneum consists of 11% protein, 63% neutral carbohydrate, 9% glucosamine and 13% glucuronic acid. The sugars include glucose (32%), mannose (6%) and traces of xylose and galactose. The cell wall was fractionated with alkali to yield a mixture of alkali-soluble matrix components, and an alkali-insoluble glucan associated with(More)
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