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Terahertz laser VRT spectra of the water dimer consisting of 731 transitions measured with an average precision of 2 MHz and involving four ~D2O!2 intermolecular vibrations ~one previously published! have been measured between 65 and 104 cm. The precisely determined energy level patterns differ both qualitatively and quantitatively from the predictions of(More)
Measurement of the far-infrared vibration-rotation tunneling spectrum of the perdeuterated water tetramer is described. Precisely determined rotational constants and relative intensity measurements indicate a cyclic quasi-planar minimum energy structure, which is in agreement with recent ab initio calculations. The O-O separation deduced from the data(More)
We report the measurement of far-infrared vibration-rotation tunnelling parallel bands of two partially deuterated water trimer isotopomers: (D2O)2DOH and (H2O)2DOH at 97.2607 cm-1 and approximately 86 cm-1, respectively. The hydrogen bond rearrangement dynamics of the two mixed trimers can be described by the simplified molecular symmetry G8, which(More)
We report the first observation of five water trimer isotopomers using terahertz laser spectroscopy coupled with a pulsed slit jet expansion technique. A single c-type vibration-rotation-tunneling (VRT) band has been observed for each isotopomer between 40 and 50 cm-1. By considering all the experimental data, including results from isotopic substitution(More)
We report the measurement of two new perpendicular (D2O)3 torsional bands by terahertz laser vibration–rotation–tunneling ~VRT! spectroscopy of a planar pulsed supersonic expansion. The first ~28.0 cm) band corresponds to the k562 ←0 transition, and is the lowest frequency vibrational spectrum observed for a water cluster. The second ~81.8 cm) band(More)
The far-infrared vibration–rotation–tunneling spectrum of ~D2O!4 has been measured in the spectral region near 2.04 THz. Observation of additional transition doublets with a constant 5.6 MHz spacing in a parallel ~c-type! spectrum extends the first detailed study of this cluster @Science 271, 59 ~1996!#. Three possibilities are explored for the origin of(More)
The detailed analysis of a parallel vibration-rotation-tunneling (VRT) band of the isolated cyclic perdeuterated (d10) water pentamer measured near 2.4 THz (81.2 cm-1) is presented. The vibrationally averaged rotational constants correspond rigorously to those of a quasiplanar (C5h) oblate top whereas the equilibrium cyclic structure is predicted to be(More)
Using tunable far infrared laser absorption spectroscopy, 12 vibration-rotation-tunneling (VRT) subbands, consisting of approximately 230 transitions have been measured and analyzed for an 82.6 cm’ intermolecular vibration of the water dimer-d4 Each of the VRT subbands originate from Kg = 0 and terminate in either Ki = 0 or 1. These data provide a complete(More)
We report the measurement of two new (H2O)3 bands by terahertz laser vibration–rotation– tunneling ~VRT! spectroscopy. Both bands have been assigned to torsional ~‘‘pseudorotational’’! transitions and are highly perturbed by Coriolis interactions. The 42.9 cm band corresponds to the k562←61 transition while the 65.6 cm band corresponds to the k562←0(More)
A vibration-rotation-tunneling (VRT) spectrum of (H2O)4 has been recorded near 2.04 THz (67.9 cm-1). The band origin of this ∆K ) 0 symmetric rotor spectrum is shifted by 0.1 cm-1 to the blue of that of a (D2O)4 band reported previously [Science, 1996, 271, 59]. Similar to that spectrum, each transition in the (H2O)4 spectrum exhibits a regular doublet(More)