Jeff D Almand

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Aesthetic platysma surgery during rhytidectomy has gained popularity for contour restoration of the jaw line, cervicomental angle, as well as anterior neck defects. The superficial musculoaponeurotic system-platysma flap is elevated and suspended in a cephaloposterior direction by suturing to the investing fascia overlying the sternocleidomastoid muscle and(More)
We present a retrospective analysis of 32 patients admitted over a 5-year period to a metropolitan regional trauma center with recently induced subcutaneous ("skin pop") illicit drug injectional injuries involving the hand. Cocaine derivatives were the most frequently reported illicit drug used (75%). All patients had local disease manifested by(More)
Oxygen free radicals are implicated to cause tissue injury during ischemia and reperfusion and may play a central role in the no-reflow phenomena. Modulation of these substances has been suggested as a means of decreasing the amount of tissue loss due to ischemia and subsequent reperfusion. Pretreatment of tissues with a variety of agents has been reported(More)
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