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The purpose of this paper is to present the experience at Emory University Hospital with the infected median sternotomy wound and to offer a treatment plan for those patients recalcitrant to the usual therapy of debridement and closed catheter irrigation with antimicrobial agents. When standard treatment fails, we proceed not only with the necessary(More)
A new hereditary syndrome characterized by a frontoparietal lobe pseudotumor and retinal capillary abnormalities is described. A pedigree is presented in which characteristic ophthalmic findings have been found in ten family members and are suspected in eight additional family members spanning a total of four generations. Typical retinal findings include(More)
Experience at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) with resections for primary lung carcinoma is brought up to the clinical staging era (1971) with a 5 year cumulative survival statistic of 30 percent for the period 1964 through 1970. Comparison of four decades of experience reveals no change in cumulative survival for pulmomary resections for primary(More)
  • J Craver
  • 1999
INTRODUCTION The CarboMedics Prosthetic Heart Valve has been in use since 1986, with more than 220,000 valves implanted through August of 1997 in more than 1550 centers in more than 100 countries. This paper presents the results of a multicenter, international clinical trial that has spanned 10 years. METHODS There were 1128 valves implanted in patients(More)
Since the demise of the Ada mandate on April 29, 1997, little has been said about the debate that raged in the mid-1990s comparing the merits of C++ versus Ada [1] within the weapons system world. Many questions remain such as: " Has the defense community made a wholesale move to competing languages like C++ and technologies like Java? " " Is the migration(More)
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