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This paper proposes a new approach to anonymous communication called information slicing. Typically, anonymiz-ers use onion routing, where a message is encrypted in layers with the public keys of the nodes along the path. Instead , our approach scrambles the message, divides it into pieces, and sends the pieces along disjoint paths. We show that information(More)
We describe the design of, and experience with, Query, a monitoring system that supports the Akamai EdgePlatform. Query is a foundation of Akamai's approach to administering its distributed computing platform, allowing administrators, operations staff, developers, customers, and automated systems near real-time access to data about activity in Akamai's(More)
  • Yannis M Ioannides, Jeff Cohen, Anna Hardman, Vernon Henderson, Gib Metcalf, Andrew Oswald +6 others
  • 2001
This paper estimates models of social interactions within residential neighborhoods using data on neighborhood clusters for standard metropolitan areas in the United States from the American Housing Survey for 1985 and 1989. It examines effects of social interactions in the form of reaction functions for homeowners' valuation of their properties at the(More)
  • Yannis M Ioannides, Jeff Cohen, Anna Hardman, Vernon Henderson, Gib Metcalf, Andrew Oswald +2 others
  • 2000
This paper reports an empirical investigation of housing maintenance decisions which allows for social interactions within small residential neighborhoods with data from the American Housing Survey for 1985 and 1989. The study explores a neglected feature of the data, namely the availability of data of neighborhood clusters for metropolitan areas in the(More)
A holdout problem arises when a good owned by disparate sellers is desired by a buyer only in its entirety, as in land assembly. Market design is crucial in the presence of holdout, as fully respecting property rights of many sellers eliminates otherwise-efficient trade. We propose a Concordance principle, inspired by the Cournot (1838) theory of concours(More)
The Akamai platform is a network of over 73,000 servers supporting numerous web infrastructure services including the distribution of static and dynamic HTTP content , delivery of live and on-demand streaming media, high-availability storage, accelerated web applications, and intelligent routing. The maintenance of such a network requires significant(More)
BACKGROUND Participation bias is a well-known phenomenon in epidemiologic research, where individuals consenting to research studies differ from individuals who are not able or willing to participate. These dissimilarities may limit the generalizability of results of research studies. Quantification of the participation bias is essential for the(More)
  • Erin Birgfeld, Jeanne Briskin, Jeff Cohen, Dave Godwin, Anhar Karimjee, Colm Kenny +34 others
  • 2004
The report would not have been complete without the efforts and contributions of many individuals and organizations. Much of the underlying assumptions and data used in the analysis were provided by numerous people and companies cited throughout the report. In addition, many individuals provided a peer review of the particular chapter matching his or her(More)