Jeff Chamberlain

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Current architecture trends focus on designs that exploit thread-level parallelism using multiple cores on chip [15], [16]. With increasing number of cores, the simulation run time increases accordingly with best-case linear scaling. These large turnaround times prohibitively limit the ability to evaluate performance tradeoffs during the design phase. In(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Point-of-care (POC) ultrasound is increasingly used by clinicians across multiple medical specialties. Current perceptions and prevalence of POC ultrasound practice and training in family medicine residency programs has not been described. METHODS Questions were included in the 2014 Council of Academic Family Medicine Educational(More)
Microfluidic devices are well-suited for the study of metabolism and paracrine and autocrine signaling because they allow steady or intermittent perfusion of biological cells at cell densities that approach those in living tissue. They also enable the study of small populations of rare cells. However, it can be difficult to introduce the cells into a(More)
Governments are pursuing initiatives to deliver their services on-line in order to provide better service to citizens as well as to reduce their own business costs. Designing good applications is not just a matter of developing good technical solutions. The context in which the application will be used is also important. One application with the potential(More)
......Ivy Bridge (IVB) represents Intel’s first server CPU that services product markets from high-end desktops to mission-critical computing. With one converged design, IVB enables the refresh of a rich portfolio of products on a single CPU architecture generation over a two-quarter time window, as opposed to four to five quarters, which was typical in(More)
Many governments have shown leadership in encouraging their citizenry to conduct transactions on-line. The policies that underpin these initiatives refer to a blend of civic benefits and efficiency goals. They combine the rhetoric of customer service with social shaping through ‘government as model user’ and procedures that require online activities. Many(More)