Jeff Butterfield

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TECHNOLOGY is a valuable instructional tool for teaching and learning fundamental concepts such as mathematics, reading, and writing. The teaching of advanced topics with abstract concepts can also benefit from instructional technology. For example, computer programming involves the design and development of problem-solving algorithms. Algorithms are(More)
Many IS managers consider requirements definition to be one of the most difficult phases in a system analysis and design project. It is also felt that no other phase contributes as much to the potential success or failure of the final product. One of the reasons that a successful requirements analysis is so elusive is because the information needed for an(More)
In this article data from a multi-year, longitudinal study of undergraduate students’ attitudes influencing major selection in computing fields is examined. In particular, the observed differences between male and female students were examined. Different perspectives were found in the areas of stereotypes, timing of exposure to a major, experience with(More)
Over the past decade the amount of research done in the area of Compute r Supported Cooperative work has grown significantly. Numerous systems have bee n developed that allow multiple participants to work collectively on a common task or project . Empirical studies have been done on related topics ranging from the effects of anonymit y to the design of(More)
This study examines whether virtual reality (VR) is more superior to paperbased instructions in increasing the speed at which individuals learn a new assembly task. Specifically, the work seeks to quantify any learning benefits when individuals are given the opportunity to review instructions in advance of the task. It compares the performance of two groups(More)
At times the desire for specialized laboratory apparatus to support class activities outstrips the available resources. When this is the case the instructor must look for creative alternatives to help meet the desired objectives. This report examines how a virtual laboratory was created to model and analyze high-speed networking signals in a LAN class using(More)
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