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The results of a 90-day rat feeding study with YieldGard (YieldGard Rootworm Corn is a registered trademark of Monsanto Technology, LLC.) Rootworm corn (MON 863) grain that is protected against feeding damage caused by corn rootworm larvae are presented. Corn rootworm-protection was accomplished through the introduction of a cry3Bb1 coding sequence into the(More)
A method is described for the demonstration of specific immunoglobulin in plasma cells and other lymphoid cells in sections taken from routine surgical histology specimens which have been formalin fixed and paraffin embedded. An indirect sandwich technique was employed using specific rabbit antihuman immunoglobulin antisera (anti-K, L, G, A, and M) and a(More)
Formalin fixation followed by routine paraffin embedding allows the demonstration of intracellular immunoglobulin by a sandwich technique using either peroxidase or fluorescein isothyocyanate labelled antibody conjugates. The results compared favourably with those obtained using either the fresh frozen or the Sainte-Marie method for preserving tissue(More)
Technology scaling has provided the semiconductor industry a recipe to successfully meet the application demands for performance for over three decades. This computational capacity was further fueled by the success of circuit and architecture-level innovation, which provided performance improvement in each processor generation. However, future processor(More)
Cell libraries determine the final density, performance, and power of most IC designs much as the construction materials determine the quality of a building. Nevertheless, the importance of libraries has often been a tertiary consideration in design projects-falling behind both design skill and tool quality. Choosing the right cell library for your project(More)
Certain tissues, such as the spleen, are rich sources of mononuclear phagocytes (MP); however, separating the phagocytes from tissues and removing the contaminating cells have been difficult. We report here a method for the extraction and purification of human splenic MP that employs gentle homogenization of splenic fragments with a Tenbroeck tissue(More)