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We used a concurrent-task paradigm to investigate the attentional cost of simple visual tasks. As in earlier studies, we found that detecting a unique orientation in an array of oriented elements ("pop-out") carries little or no attentional cost. Surprisingly, this is true at all levels of performance and holds even when pop-out is barely discriminable. We(More)
  • J Braun
  • 1994
In more than one respect, visual search for the most salient or the least salient item in a display are different kinds of visual tasks. The present work investigated whether this difference is primarily one of perceptual difficulty, or whether it is more fundamental and relates to visual attention. Display items of different salience were produced by(More)
—The most significant barrier to improving passive RFID tag performance for both fixed function ID tags and enhanced RFID tags is the limitation on the amount of power that can be harvested for operation. This paper presents a novel approach for incorporating solar harvesting capability into existing passive RFID tags without increasing the parts count or(More)
This note provides examples of how geostationary satellite data can be applied to augment other data sources in tracking warm, moist air masses as they move northward from the Gulf of Mexico. These so-called returning air masses are often a key ingredient in bringing about severe weather outbreaks in the central and southeastern United States. The newer(More)
This paper documents the successful use of small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS) for two floods in Fort Bend County, Texas, and identifies gaps in informatics, manpower, human-robot interaction, and cost-benefit analysis. The case studies focus on how emergency managers can use SUAS for flood assessment including flood mapping and projection of impact,(More)
On 22 May 2008, a strong tornado—rated EF3 on the enhanced Fujita scale, with winds estimated between 136 and 165 mi h 21 (61 and 74 m s 21)—caused extensive damage along a 55-km track through northern Colorado. The worst devastation occurred in and around the town of Windsor, and in total there was one fatality, numerous injuries, and hundreds of homes(More)
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