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To address the concern that a complete detection scheme for effective hardware Trojan identification is lacking, we have designed an RTL security metric in order to evaluate the quality of IP cores (with the same or similar functionality) and counter Trojan attacks at the pre-fabrication stages of the IP design flow. The proposed security metric is(More)
Haploidentical, MLC responsive recipients were randomized to receive either fresh (less than 48 hours old) or stored donor specific transfusions (DST). In the stored DST group, one donor unit obtained with CPD-Adenine anticoagulant was split into three aliquots and administered as packed cells after 1, 3, and 5 weeks of storage. While 3/6 fresh DST(More)
Autonomous hyperparathyroidism occurred in 15% of 152 patients maintained by long-term home dialysis during the past nine years. Twenty-two patients with elevated serum parathormone levels and progressive bone disease in the presence of normal serum phosphate and calcium levels were treated by subtotal parathyroidectomy. All had parathyroid hyperplasia.(More)
Renal failure is often the presenting problem with amyloidosis and it portends a generally poor prognosis. Two of 121 patients in a home dialysis program were found to have amyloidosis after they developed unusual complications, ischemic colitis and femoral neuropathy. Both ultimately died as a result of their disease. From the limited experience that is(More)
The risks of intermittent anticoagulation with heparin for hemodialysis and longterm anticoagulation with warfarin to prevent clotting of arteriovenous shunts were assessed in a group of 125 home dialysis patients. Over a 7-year period, there were nine bleeding complications attributable to heparin anticoagulation for an incidence of one complication for(More)
We have serially measured serum beta 2 M microglobulin in a series of transplant recipients along with other standard clinical parameters. Independent comparison of the beta 2 M results leads to the following conclusions: 1. Beta 2 M is superior to the Scr in detecting acute rejection, with diagnostic elevations occurring 2 to 7 days before Scr increase.(More)
Thirty-three bovine grafts were placed in 28 patients for vascular access for hemodialysis. The indications were lack of shunt sites and anticoagulation with Coumadin in patients without vessels suitable for construction of a primary arteriovenous fistula. All but one of the grafts were loops placed in the forearm. There were 20 complications associated(More)