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" Architecture-driven synthesis techniques for mapping digital signal processing algorithms into silicon, " FSMs have a clear and unambiguous notion of a quantum of computation (one state transition), the problem reduces to determining what a quantum of computation is in the semantic model used to manage the concurrency and communication. This model could(More)
Today, more and more products–in areas as diverse as telecom, mass storage, audio, and motor control–depend on digital signal processing. Processor vendors have responded with a dizzying array of processor designs. DSP processor manufacturers continue to add new architectures to their product lines every year. Meanwhile, nearly every microcontroller vendor(More)
  • J Bier
  • Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie : MKG
  • 2000
Content of this paper is the current state of the art of robots in surgery and the ongoing work on the field of surgical robotics at the Clinic for Maxillofacial Surgery at the Charité. Robots in surgery allows the surgeon to transform the accuracy of the imaging systems directly during the intervention and to plan an intervention beforehand. In this paper(More)
E ngineering terminology has a way of creeping into the public tongue, often initially by way of product marketing. For example, the time is long gone when only a few people were familiar with the unit “megahertz.” Although people are perhaps not entirely certain what a megahertz is, they are perfectly comfortable discussing and comparing the megahertz(More)
Programming high performance signal processing systems is hard. Historically there has been a trade-off between ease of programming and absolute performance. It has long been understood that while for highperformance applications FPGAs are a great implementation technology, though historically they have come with a very poor programming model. For processor(More)
This paper builds upon research by Lee [1] concerning the token flow model, an analytical model for the behavior of dataflow graphs with data-dependent control flow, by analyzing the properties of cycles of the schedule: sequences of actor executions that return the graph to its initial state. Necessary and sufficient conditions are given for the existence(More)
This project explores design methodology for simulation and<lb>real-time parallel computation for applications using digital sig-<lb>nal processing. The goal is to facilitate rapid prototyping of com-<lb>plex algorithms by developing tools that are both efficient in their<lb>use of hardware and easy for an algorithm designer to learn and<lb>use. In previous(More)
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