Jeff Bauer

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Stretching prior to vigorous physical activity has been shown to decrease high-force muscular performance, but little is known about the effect of stretching on speed and accuracy movements. Serving percentage and radar measurements of ball speed were studied to examine the acute effect of stretching on tennis serve performance. Eighty-three tennis players(More)
The User Services division of the Office of Technology Integration is the "safety net" for computer support at Florida State University (FSU). Areas of support include training, help desk services, campus-wide software site licensing and assistance by highly trained computer technicians. Support is provided seven days a week for 40,000 students, faculty,(More)
To help instructors in evaluating innovations in biomechanics instruction, a standardised test of the key concepts taught in the introductory biomechanics course was developed. The Biomechanics Concept Inventory (BCI) consists of 24 questions that test four prerequisite competencies and eight biomechanics competencies. Three hundred and sixty seven students(More)
Characteristics hypothesized to be related to learning in introductory biomechanics classes were examined. Data from a 2003 national study were supplemented by additional instructor-reported data about experience, tests, laboratory hours, and average course-related expenditures. The number of credit hours of the course (r = .15) and money spent by(More)