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The amount of textual data that is available for researchers and businesses to analyze is increasing at a dramatic rate. This reality has led IS researchers to investigate various text mining techniques. This essay examines four text mining methods that are frequently used in order to identify their characteristics and limitations. The four methods that we(More)
We provide a characterization of the spectral minimum for a random Schrödinger operator of the form H = −∆ + i∈Zd q(x − i − ωi) in L(R), where the single site potential q is reflection symmetric, compactly supported in the unit cube centered at 0, and the displacement parameters ωi are restricted so that adjacent single site potentials do not overlap. In(More)
In recent years, there has been significant investment from both the private and public sectors in the development of diagnostic technologies to meet the need for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and tuberculosis testing in low-resource settings. Future investments should ensure that the most appropriate technologies are adopted in settings where they(More)
We study low-energy properties of the random displacement model, a random Schrödinger operator describing an electron in a randomly deformed lattice. All periodic displacement configurations which minimize the bottom of the spectrum are characterized. While this configuration is essentially unique for dimension greater than one, there are infinitely many(More)
21 An Examination of the Importance of Core Competencies and Relationship Management in IT Outsourcing Agreements: Empirical Evidence from an Eastern Cultural Context Yong Jin Kim, Department of Global Service Management, Business School, Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea Jaeki Song, Rawls College of Business Administration, Texas Tech University,(More)
Internet auctions have received a considerable amount of attention from researchers. We review recent empirical literature pertaining to single-item Internet auctions and observe that existing work has examined the roles of the auctioneer, bidder, and seller in Internet auctions. As this stream of research matures, research will necessarily move from(More)
This study investigated the relationship between physical and mental health and psychosocial variables and recent (within the last 12 months) mental health service use among 240 medical patients recruited from general and specialty outpatient clinics at an academic medical center. Results indicated 43.3% of the participants had recently received mental(More)