Jeff B. Schulte

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The dynamics of the Min-protein system help Escherichia coli regulate the process of cell division by identifying the center of the cell. While this system exhibits robust bipolar oscillations in wild-type cell shapes, recent experiments have shown that when the cells are mechanically deformed into wide, flattened out, irregular shapes, the spatial(More)
We introduce an approximation for the pair distribution function of the inhomogeneous hard sphere fluid. Our approximation makes use of our recently published averaged pair distribution function at contact, which has been shown to accurately reproduce the averaged pair distribution function at contact for inhomogeneous density distributions. This approach(More)
We investigate the value of the correlation function of an inhomogeneous hard-sphere fluid at contact. This quantity plays a critical role in statistical associating fluid theory, which is the basis of a number of recently developed classical density functionals. We define two averaged values for the correlation function at contact and derive formulas for(More)
We present a modification to our recently published statistical associating fluid theory-based classical density functional theory for water. We have recently developed and tested a functional for the averaged radial distribution function at contact of the hard-sphere fluid that is dramatically more accurate at interfaces than earlier approximations. We now(More)
We present a problem-based approach to teach computational physics to junior-level students with a variety of programming skill levels, many of whom have only 10 weeks of prior programming experience. The students solve tasks, relating to their current class topics, which are mathematically challenging but computationally tractable. The tasks are chosen to(More)
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