Jeff B. Boisvert

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Geological deposits display nonlinear features such as veins, channels or folds that result in complex spatial anisotropies that are difficult to model with currently available geostatistical techniques. The methodology presented in this paper for incorporating locally varying anisotropy in kriging or sequential Gaussian simulation is based onmodifying how(More)
Geostatistical algorithms that consider multiple-point statistics are becoming increasingly popular. These methods allow for the reproduction of complicated features beyond the commonly implemented two-point statistic: the covariance or semivariogram. In practice, it is not possible to infer many multiple-point statistics directly from the available data;(More)
Fracture models of vein formation can produce realistic training images (TIs) for use in multiple-point geostatistics. Vein formation is modeled by applying flow simulation to a fracture model to mimic the flow of an ore-bearing fluid through fractured rock. TIs are generated by assuming that veins form in areas of high flow where there would be(More)
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