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GRADE guidelines 6. Rating the quality of evidence--imprecision.
GRADE suggests that examination of 95% confidence intervals (CIs) provides the optimal primary approach to decisions regarding imprecision. For practice guidelines, rating down the quality ofExpand
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GRADE guidelines: 14. Going from evidence to recommendations: the significance and presentation of recommendations.
This article describes the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development, and Evaluation (GRADE) approach to classifying the direction and strength of recommendations. The strength of aExpand
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Wide binaries in Tycho-Gaia: search method and the distribution of orbital separations
We mine the Tycho-{\it Gaia} astrometric solution (TGAS) catalog for wide stellar binaries by matching positions, proper motions, and astrometric parallaxes. We separate genuine binaries fromExpand
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Walking Behavior of Zoo Elephants: Associations between GPS-Measured Daily Walking Distances and Environmental Factors, Social Factors, and Welfare Indicators
Research with humans and other animals suggests that walking benefits physical health. Perhaps because these links have been demonstrated in other species, it has been suggested that walking isExpand
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We present observational constraints on the initial-final mass relation (IFMR) using wide double white dwarfs (DWDs). We identify 65 new candidate wide DWDs within the Sloan Digital Sky Survey,Expand
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Validating methods to determine walking rates of elephants within a zoological institution
Much controversy surrounds the welfare of elephants within zoological institutions. Among the many concerns are lack of exercise and the prevention of sedentary health and welfare issues due toExpand
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Evolutionary Channels for the Formation of Double Neutron Stars
We analyze binary population models of double-neutron stars and compare results to the accurately measured orbital periods and eccentricities of the eight known such systems in our Galaxy. InExpand
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Measuring the masses of companions to single-line spectroscopic binary stars is (in general) not possible because of the unknown orbital plane inclination. Even when the mass of the visible star canExpand
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Validating TGAS Wide Binaries with Gaia DR2 Radial Velocities and Parallaxes
Featuring greatly improved astrometry and precise radial velocities (RVs), the second data release (DR2) from Gaia affords us a unique opportunity to test the validity of samples of stellar wideExpand
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Xbox 360 System Architecture
This article covers the Xbox 360's high-level technical requirements, a short system overview, and details of the CPU and the GPU. The Xbox 360 contains an aggressive hardware architecture andExpand
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