Jeff Abrahamson

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Given a collection of sets of 2-D views of 3-D objects and a similarity measure between them, we present a method for summarizing the sets using a small subset called a bounded canonical set (BCS), whose members best represent the members of the original set. This means that members of the BCS are as dissimilar from each other as possible, while at the same(More)
In this paper we detail the use of e-mail social network analysis for the detection of security policy violations on computer systems. We begin by formalizing basic policies that derive from the expected social behavior of computer users. We then extract the social networks of three organizations by analyzing e-mail server logs collected over several months(More)
Given a set of patterns and a similarity measure between them, we would present an optimization framework to approximate a small subset, known as a canonical set, whose members closely resemble the members of the original set. We would present a combinatorial formulation of the canonical set problem in terms of quadratic optimization integer programming,(More)
Activation of the p53 protein can lead to apoptosis and cell cycle arrest. In contrast, activation of the signalling pathway controlled by the Kit receptor tyrosine kinase prevents apoptosis and promotes cell division of a number of different cell types in vivo. We have investigated the consequences of activating the Kit signalling pathway by its ligand(More)
ii Acknowledgements First and foremost I would like to thank my advisor Ali Shokoufandeh for his patient help and advice during this ongoing journey. Béla Csaba also deserves special thanks for the many long hours we spent working together developing some of the probabilistic matching theory that has made its way into this work and become so much of its(More)
In this paper we will consider tight upper and lower bounds on the weight of the optimal matching for random point sets distributed among the leaves of a tree, as a function of its cardinality. Specifically, given two n sets of points R = {r1, ..., rn} and B = {b1, ..., bn} distributed uniformly and randomly on the m leaves of λ-Hierarchically Separated(More)