Jeff A Wieder

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PURPOSE During radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer tumor at the surgical margin is a relatively frequent finding. We summarize the literature on the incidence, etiology, location, prevention and treatment of positive surgical margins after radical prostatectomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS The literature was reviewed for data on positive margins during(More)
PURPOSE We outline the biology, prognosis and role of immunotherapy for renal cell carcinoma with gross venous tumor thrombus. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 207 patients with unilateral renal cell carcinoma and tumor thrombus into the renal vein (107) and inferior vena cava (100) who underwent nephrectomy and thrombectomy were compared with 607 without(More)
PURPOSE We determined clinical and pathological predictors of positive bone scans and computerized tomography (CT) in patients with biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy (RP). MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective analysis of patients treated with RP at West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center and University of California-Los Angeles(More)
PURPOSE We characterized the histopathological features and clinical behavior of unclassified renal cell carcinoma and compared the prognostic outcome in patients with unclassified and conventional (clear cell) renal cell carcinoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 31 patients with unclassified renal cell carcinoma are included in the kidney cancer(More)
OBJECTIVES [corrected] We investigated which nerve pathways are necessary to achieve ejaculation using penile vibratory stimulation (PVS) in men with spinal cord injury (SCI). METHODS Eight men with SCI were selected based on the presence of a bulbocavernosus reflex (BCR) and consistent antegrade ejaculation with PVS. Level of injury was cervical (4),(More)
The interesting condition of brown-colored semen has often been observed during assisted ejaculation of men with spinal cord injury (SCI). This condition has not been reported in the literature, and its cause is unknown. To investigate this condition, the present study examined the incidence and quality of brown semen and its relationship to level of SCI,(More)
PURPOSE We examined whether cytoreductive nephrectomy in patients with venous tumor thrombus and metastatic disease is associated with more complications than in those with thrombus without metastatic disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between 1989 and 2000, 74 patients with renal vein extension, 87 with inferior vena caval extension and 491 without tumor(More)
Renal cell carcinoma is the most common cancer in the kidney, affecting nearly 30,000 Americans every year and is associated with over 12,000 deaths annually. If detected early, renal cell carcinomas can be cured surgically. However, once metastatic disease develops the prognosis for long-term survival is poor. Unfortunately, one-third of patients have(More)