Jeff A. May

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This article provides necessary and sufficient conditions for deadlock-free unicast and multicast routing with the <i>path-based</i> routing model in interconnection networks that use the wormhole switching technique. The theory is developed around three central concepts: <i>channel waiting, False Resource Cycles</i>, and <i>valid destination sets</i>. The(More)
We describe the Phase-Space Nonlinear Control Toolbox, a suite of computational tools for synthesizing and evaluating control laws for a broad class of nonlinear dynamical systems. The Toolbox comprises computational algorithms for identifying optimal control reference trajectories in the phase space of dynamical systems and experimental methods for(More)
This paper presents an algorithm for verifying control laws using phase-space geometric modeling of dynamical systems. The algorithm evolves a hierarchicallyrefined bound of system nonlinear dynamics and can address practical concerns such as sensor, actuator, and modeling uncertainties in a systematic manner. The algorithm has been applied to verifying a(More)
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