Jeferson Ferreira

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The use of exception handling mechanisms to develop robust software in a non-systematic manner can be a source of many design faults. This paper presents an approach that allows to systematize the validation of the system's exceptional behavior at both the software architecture and detailed design levels. At the software architecture, our solution is based(More)
  • J. Ferreira
  • 2008
This paper defines the KADpsilas architecture, an integrated CAD and CSCW system, for better support the design process in industry, particularly on the development of new products in automotive sector. The KAD system intends to reduce the lead time by providing and integrating flexible and efficient capabilities for testing early concepts from the(More)
In the current context, the traffic is one of the most critical factors of urban mobility in cities. In this perspective, this paper proposes Twittraffic: a platform for monitoring, visualization and identification of traffic events. The platform enables the sharing of information on social networks like Twitter, so pervasive and collaborative. During the(More)
The automatic extraction of statistically relevant expressions of any language from raw (non-annotated) corpora is a very useful task, specially when it may be used for the study of data from old texts, given the unavailability of informants, the large amount of graphic variants found in that kind of texts and the scarcity of annotated texts. Furthermore,(More)
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