Jef Peeraer

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This study investigates the factors influencing integration of ICT in teacher education in Vietnam, an emerging developing country, at the beginning of integration of ICT. Exploratory multiple regression analysis addresses the importance of different factors at the teacher level and the importance of the teacher education institute for the integration of(More)
Teachers in the 21st century are facing new challenges as a result of the expanding possibilities of ICT integration in every aspect of the school milieu. Studies have shown the potential of teacher professional development (TPD) that is tailored to local conditions as well as global components and takes advantage of mutual support among teachers, as well(More)
Over the last two decades, crucial factors for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education have improved significantly in Vietnam. Nevertheless, it is clear that, as in other countries, no educational revolution is taking place. We argue that there is a need for a broad dialogue on the future of ICT in education in Vietnam as discussion of(More)
Integrating ICT in teaching and learning is high on the educational reform agenda of developed and developing countries. For developing countries, ICT can be seen as a way to merge and even leapfrog into a globalizing, technological world. Yet in practice the use of ICT for teaching practice is limited at best. Much research is therefore done on factors(More)
Individual and organizational capacity development at teacher education level is a crucial strategy to support sustainable educational innovation and change. In this paper we analyze two development cooperation support programs on capacity development in teacher education in Cambodia and Vietnam that have been implemented by the Flemish Association for(More)
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