Jeewoo Lim

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Elemental sulfur is an abundant and inexpensive material obtained as a by-product of natural-gas and petroleum refining operations. Recently, the need for the development of new energy-storage systems brought into light the potential of sulfur as a high-capacity cathode material in secondary batteries. Sulfur-containing materials were also shown to have(More)
Emission wavelength control in fluorescent nanoparticles (NPs) is crucial for their applications. In the case of inorganic quantum dots or dye-impregnated silica NPs, such a control is readily achieved by changing the size of the particles or choosing appropriate fluorescent dyes, respectively. A similar modular approach for controlling the emission(More)
Sulfur-rich materials have recently attracted keen interest for their potentials in optical, electrochemical, and pesticidal applications as well as their utility in dynamic covalent bond chemistry. Many sulfur-rich polymers, however, are insoluble and processing methods are therefore very limited. The synthesis and characterization of water-dispersible(More)
A one-pot synthesis of sulfur-rich polymer nanoparticles through a ring-opening metathesis polymerization is reported. The nanoparticles are formed in situ from diblock copolymers containing a polynorbornene derivative bearing cyclic polysulfanes. The refractive indices of the resulting nanoparticles are readily controlled in the range from 1.54 to nearly(More)
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