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The effect of local hydrogen concentration on nanoindentation-induced phase transformations has been investigated in ion-implanted amorphous silicon a-Si . Elevated concentrations of H ranging from 5 1018 to 5 1020 cm−3, over the depth of indentation-induced phase transformed zones have been formed in the a-Si by H ion-implantation. Indentation has been(More)
INTRODUCTION The use of ossicular graft material in ossicular chain reconstruction has significantly improved hearing results hearing after tympanoplasty and tympanomastoid surgery for chronic otitis media. Today, otologists have a wide array of tools from which to choose, but may find it difficult to know which middle ear implant works best. MATERIALS(More)
Congenital vallecular cyst is an uncommon, benign but potentially dangerous condition causing respiratory distress and stridor. It is associated with sudden upper airway obstruction resulting in death due to its anatomical location in neonates and infants. We reported a rare case of 2 months old male infant presented with respiratory obstruction with(More)
A 32 year old male came to us with right sided nasal obstruction, epistaxis and nasal mass. Biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of polymorphic reticulasis. which is infact malignant T cell lymphoma of the sinonasal region. The nasal T cell lymphoma causes slow progressive destructian of nose and midfacial region and still presents a diagnostic problem. The(More)
This paper considers medium access controls (MACs) for a long range wireless local loop. Firstly we show random access is inefficient by comparing the throughput between CSMA/CA and TDMA/TDD systems. We then consider two fixed access systems, TDMA/FDMA and TDMA/FDD. Throughput results for the MACs are provided as a function of the number of users, channel(More)
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