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INTRODUCTION Numb chin syndrome (NCS) is the presence of hypoaesthesia or paraethesia of the lip and chin over the distribution of the mental nerve. It is often caused by the presence of a metastatic tumour in the mandible or the base of skull and represents advanced malignancy. PRESENTATION OF CASE This paper presents an unusual case of NCS associated(More)
Fortunately, needle fracture is a rare complication following the administration of dental local anaesthetic. We present a case of needle fracture following administration of an inferior dental nerve block. The fractured needle was retrieved successfully under general anaesthetic. We also provide some suggestions on how to prevent needle fracture, and(More)
We present a case of a penetrating foreign body to the neck, which was difficult to detect, causing partial epiglottic and laryngeal outlet airway obstruction, and subsequent intubation challenges. A systematic approach with rapid access to contrast enhanced CT scanning allowed successful airway and haemorrhage control, removal of a wooden stake from the(More)
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