Jeerey Fischer

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This paper introduces Care-O-bot<sup>®</sup> 3, a highly integrated and compact service robot with manipulation, navigation and vision capabilities. In particular, Care-O-bot<sup>®</sup> 3 combines the best of available technology including a 7 DOF light-weight arm, an omnidirectional platform and many high-end sensors along with a sustainable, end user(More)
Many concurrent systems are required to maintain certain safety and liveness properties. One emerging method of achieving conndence in such systems is to statically verify them using model checking. In this approach an abstract, nite-state model of the system is constructed; then an automatic check is made to ensure that the requirements are satissed by the(More)
In this paper we show how to manage speech understanding using a control algorithm which enables parallel processing and is based on iterative optimization. The task speciic knowledge is represented by a semantic network consisting of concepts representing objects, and links. An optimal interpretation of a spoken utterance is available if a best scored(More)
We use an innovative approach to speech understanding which is based on a fine-grained knowledge representation automatically compiled from a semantic network, and on an iterative control strategy. This approach, besides allowing an efficient exploitation of parallelism, enables the system with anytime capability since after each iteration a (suboptimal)(More)
In this paper knowledge based image interpretation is formulated and solved as an optimization problem which takes into account the observed image data, the available task speciic knowledge, and the requirements of an application. Knowledge is represented by a semantic network consisting of concepts (nodes) and links (edges). Concepts are further deened by(More)
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