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Avian influenza presents both challenges and opportunities to leaders around the world engaged in pandemic influenza preparedness planning. Most resource-poor countries will be unable to stockpile antivirals or have access to eventual human vaccines for pandemic flu. Preparedness plans, directed at controlling avian influenza at the source, enable countries(More)
The development of new drugs by pharmaceutical firms proceeds through different phases, i. e. pre-clinical studies and stage I, II and III clinical studies, which normally result in authorization to market. Once the drug is on the market, however, further research work is required to perfect its use and complete our knowledge of it. Stage IV clinical(More)
This article describes the conceptual framework, design, implementation, and evaluation of a series of workshops for rehabilitation nurses in which the Decision Profile, a practical model for clinical decision making, was used. Evaluations confirmed that the approach was exceptionally effective, not only in engaging the audience and presenting information(More)
An increasing shortage of rehabilitation nurses is anticipated in the coming decade. This article describes one potential answer to the nursing shortage through a course in rehabilitation nursing for senior baccalaureate students. The unique features of the course included the use of holistic learning experiences that integrate theory and practice. Clinical(More)
A review of literature in the Indian. database provides only a few anecdotal reports on the questions of informing the spouse of an HIV positive person, the role of blood banks and confidentiality in the workplace, with no comprehensive studies on the subject. One approach to the question could be to look at the mechanisms of discrimination, the cause and(More)
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