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Is abnormal regulation of phaeomelanin synthesis, which results in yellow coat color, inextricably linked to the development of obesity in viable yellow (Avy) house mice? To answer this question, black male mice of genotypes Avy/A eso/e+ and A/ae eso/e+ were produced from (DFT/Wf X C3H-1 vyfB/HeWf X SO/LeWf matings. The sombre (eso) mutation prevents(More)
We present the cases of three patients who initially presented with chest pain but were ultimately diagnosed as having asthma. None had audible wheezing. A diagnosis of asthma was entertained and ultimately supported by a clinical response to bronchodilator therapy. Only one patient had significant but intermittent documentable reversible airway(More)
A low-voltage and low-power RF mixer for WCDMA applications is presented. The paper presents a novel topology mixer that leads to a better performance in terms of isolation and power consumption for low supply voltage. The measuring results of the proposed mixer achieve: 7dB power conversion gain, 10.4dB double side band (DSB) noise figure,-2dBm input(More)
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