Jeemoni Kalita

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In this paper, an Eigenvector based system has been presented to recognize facial expressions from digital facial images. In the approach, firstly the images were acquired and cropping of five significant portions from the image was performed to extract and store the Eigenvectors specific to the expressions. The Eigenvectors for the test images were also(More)
Temperature assisted luminescence in sillimanite (Al2SiO5) mineral was studied using thermoluminescence (TL). TL characteristics were studied in un-annealed and different annealed samples. Analysis showed that in the un-annealed sample, there was four electron trapping sites at depths ~0.56, 0.87, 1.08, 1.32eV and a hole trapping site at depth ~3.63eV from(More)
A comparative study of the dosimetric features of α-Al2O3:C,Mg and α-Al2O3:C relevant to thermoluminescence dosimetry is reported. A glow curve of α-Al2O3:C,Mg measured at 1°C/s after beta irradiation to 1 Gy shows two subsidiary peaks at 42°C (labelled as I) and 72°C (II) and the main peak at 161°C (III) whereas a glow curve of α-Al2O3:C measured under the(More)
A thermoluminescence (TL) study relevant to radiation dosimetry has been carried out for X-ray irradiated biotite mineral under un-annealed and different annealed (473, 573, 673 and 773 K) conditions. Some significant variations in dosimetric characteristics have been observed with annealing treatment. Due to generation of an additional shallow trap level(More)
Thermoluminescence (TL) of natural light-orange color calcite (CaCO3) mineral in micro-grain powder form was studied at room temperature X-ray and UV irradiation under various irradiation times. TL was recorded in linear heating rate (2 K/s) from room temperature (300 K) to 523 K. Trapping parameters such as activation energy, order of kinetics, frequency(More)
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