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In this paper, we analyzed the potential of the query-associated social questions for the Web search. The query-associated social question is the question related with the query term asked by users in the social network (e.g., Twitter). We show how people respond to the query-associated social questions and what they expect from the questions. To this end,(More)
With the exponential growth of the Web, real-time near-duplicate Web video identification is becoming more and more important due to its wide spectrum of applications including copyright detection and commercial monitoring. Though there has been significant research effort on efficiently identifying near-duplicates from large video collections, most of them(More)
Recent years have witnessed an explosion of multimedia contents available online. However, noisy and spam tags provided by spammers dramatically degrade the trust level of Social Networking Service. In this paper, we propose a novel social multimedia tagging system based on a user trust model which exploits the low-level visual features of multimedia(More)
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