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We present an LO-based approach to recognizing of Proper Names in Korean texts. Local grammars (LGs) are constructed by examining specific syntactic contexts of lexical elements, given that the general syntactic rules, independent from lexical items, cannot provide accurate analyses. The LGs will be represented under the form of Finite State Automata (FSA)(More)
Web users produce more and more documents expressing opinions. Because these have become important resources for customers and manufacturers, many have focused on them. Opinions are often expressed through adjectives with positive or negative semantic values. In extracting information from users’ opinion in online reviews, exact recognition of the semantic(More)
This article describes an exclusively resource-based method of morphological annotation of written Korean text. Korean is an agglutinative language. Our annotator is designed to process text before the operation of a syntactic parser. In its present state, it annotates one-stem words only. The output is a graph of morphemes annotated with accurate(More)
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