Jee Ho Chang

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PURPOSE Some patients complain of a foreign body sensation, a burning sensation, or dryness after strabismus surgery. We prospectively investigated the changes in corneal and conjunctival sensitivity, tear film stability, and tear secretion after strabismus surgery. PATIENTS AND METHODS Corneal and conjunctival sensitivity were assessed with an(More)
In cases of extropia with an exodeviation angle over 50 prism diopter (PD), a 3- or 4-muscle surgery is a rational option. But, in patients with sensory exotropia, there is usually a strong preference for a monocular procedure to avoid surgery on the single seeing eye. Thus, we confined surgery to visually poor eyes, and performed a medial rectus muscle(More)
It is known that binocular function is affected by interocular differences in retinal image size, shape, clarity, and illumination. The present study was performed to systematically examine the effects of interocular differences in retinal illuminance on monocular visual acuity, fusion, and stereopsis. Fifty adults with normal binocularity and a(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the morphologic changes in Supramid Extra suture harvested from patients displaying recurrent ptosis who had undergone a frontalis suspension for congenital ptosis. DESIGN Observational case series. METHODS Using scanning electron microscopy, we examined the morphologic changes in Supramid Extra (S. Jackson Inc, Alexandria,(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Since Kestenbaum and Anderson, several ophthalmologists have reported the results of different surgical procedures, for abnormal head posture in infantile nystagmus. In this study, we tried to evaluate the surgical results of Parks' original 5-6-7-8 mm modified Kestenbaum procedure and our own 6-7-6-7 mm modified Kestenbaum procedure,(More)
A healthy 46-year-old man presented with decreased vision in the right eye after ingestion of raw meat. On funduscopic examination, a cystic lesion was found on an edematous right optic disc with adjacent serous retinal detachment. Optical coherence tomography confirmed a peripapillary serous retinal detachment and a well-demarcated cystic lesion (200 × 200(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the outcomes of strabismus surgery in patients with a prior history of a scleral buckling procedure for retinal reattachment. METHODS We reviewed the medical records of 18 patients who underwent strabismus surgery following a scleral buckling procedure and investigated the effect of multiple variables on postoperative alignment(More)
The management of exotropia resulting from complete oculomotor nerve palsy is challenging. Conventional therapeutic interventions, including supramaximal resection and recession, superior oblique tendon resection and transposition, and several ocular anchoring procedures have yielded less-than-adequate results. Here we describe a novel surgical technique of(More)
Three-dimensional computed tomographic (3D-CT) angiography is a widespread imaging modality for intracranial vascular lesions. However, 3D-CT angiograms of an anterior communicating artery aneurysm associated with acute retrobulbar optic neuropathy have not been previously described. We present 3D-CT angiograms of an aneurysm of the anterior communicating(More)
PURPOSE To compare anterior segment measurements between Pentacam and Orbscan II after laser surface ablation. METHODS Corneal thickness, anterior elevation, posterior elevation, and anterior chamber depth more than 1 year after laser refractive surgery were measured using Pentacam and Orbscan II in 51 eyes that underwent laser epithelial keratomileusis(More)