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An SGS3-like protein functions in RNA-directed DNA methylation and transcriptional gene silencing in Arabidopsis.
RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM) is an important epigenetic mechanism for silencing transgenes and endogenous repetitive sequences such as transposons. The RD29A promoter-driven LUCIFERASEExpand
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Arabidopsis hot2 encodes an endochitinase-like protein that is essential for tolerance to heat, salt and drought stresses.
The Arabidopsis hot2 mutant was originally identified based on its lack of thermotolerance, but pleiotropic abnormal phenotypes are also exhibited under normal conditions, including semi-dwarfism,Expand
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Modulation of gene expressions and enzyme activities of methionine sulfoxide reductases by cold, ABA or high salt treatments in Arabidopsis
Abiotic stress-responses in plants, which tend to be induced specifically by cold, drought or salinity, are accompanied by complex phenotypic and physiological phenomena. It has been established thatExpand
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Inhibition of mouse brown adipocyte differentiation by second-generation antipsychotics
Brown adipose tissue is specialized to burn lipids for thermogenesis and energy expenditure. Second-generation antipsychotics (SGA) are the most commonly used drugs for schizophrenia with severalExpand
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Molecular marker-assisted detection of rice weevil in stored rice
Abstract Stored cereal crops form the major component of the world's food supply. It is well known that post-harvest crop losses, due to insects and microbes, cause significant economic waste in bothExpand
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Auxin Induced Expression of Expansin is Alered in a New Aux1 Allele that Shows Severe Defect in Gravitropic Response
While the underlying molecular mechanism remains to be elucidated, recent studies suggest that polar auxin transport is a key controlling factor in triggering differential growth responses toExpand