Jedediah M. Singer

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Form and motion processing pathways of the primate visual system are known to be interconnected, but there has been surprisingly little investigation of how they interact at the cellular level. Here we explore this issue with a series of three electrophysiology experiments designed to reveal the sources of action selectivity in monkey temporal cortex(More)
Although some change in the neural representation of an object must occur as it becomes familiar, the nature of this change is not fully understood. In humans, it has been shown that the N170-an evoked visual potential-is enhanced for classes of objects for which people have visual expertise. In this study, we explored whether monkeys show a similar(More)
Micro-ID is a new test system designed to identify members of the family Enterobacteriaceae in 4 h. It consists of 15 biochemical tests on reagent-impregnated paper disks; each test is in its own compartment in a molded plastic tray. Based on the pattern of positive and negative biochemical reactions, a five-digit octal code number is calculated. A(More)
The perception of visual motion relies on different computations and different neural substrates than the perception of static form. It is therefore useful to have psychophysical stimuli that carry mostly or entirely motion information, conveying little or nothing about form in any single frame. Structure-from-motion stimuli can sometimes achieve this(More)
Allescheria boydii, the most common fungus isolated from North American maduromycosis, is a well-described pathogen. Reports of its isolation from sites other than the extremities are rare. Only ten cases of pulmonary infection are recorded in the literature. Of these, two are primary infections, and eight are secondary. An eleventh case is reported.(More)
Esculin hydrolysis is a useful test in the differentiation of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria covering a wide spectrum of aerobes, facultative anaerobes, and anaerobes. Commonly utilized methods require a minimum of 18 h of incubation in broth or agar medium and utilize the production of a brown-black compound, due to the combination of ferric(More)