Jeddú Cruz Hernández

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The field of discrete tomography focuses on the reconstruction of samples that consist of only a few different materials. Ideally, a three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction of such a sample should contain only one grey level for each of the compositions in the sample. By exploiting this property in the reconstruction algorithm, either the quality of the(More)
SUMMARY High voltage withstand tests are used within manufacturing plants to ensure the quality of completed cable system components from MV to EHV. Thus, it is quite natural for utilities to also use withstand tests as commissioning and maintenance tests for cable systems in the field. The goal of these tests is the same as in the factory test, namely to(More)
Background: global cardiovascular risk is a person's probability of developing an adverse cardiovascular event of atherosclerotic origin over a defined period of time. Cuban women have surpassed men in mortality due to heart disease. Method: a descriptive, cross-sectional study was conducted in women aged 35 to 74 years from an area of the Nguyen Van Troi(More)
The diversion of natural river courses and subsequent filling by alluvial deposits or anthropic intervention has been hidden by urban development in the majority of the cities. The research we conducted involved monitoring the evolution of a river course and reconnaissance of the original morphology of the fluvial systems. Our research was applied to the(More)
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