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A prenatally ascertained, maternally inherited 14.8 Mb duplication of chromosomal bands Xq13.2-q21.31 associated with multiple congenital abnormalities in a male fetus.
Duplications of the X chromosome are rare cytogenetic findings, and have been associated with an abnormal phenotype in the male offspring of apparently normal or near normal female carriers. WeExpand
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The growth and control of commuity housing
Social Inclusion in North Sydney LGA
Social exclusion in the North Sydney local government area has increasingly become a matter for concern in the last decade. In 2005/2006 local government community service referrals indicate thatExpand
Salvation Army Housing Common Ground Tasmania: Addressing the housing needs of disadvantaged people but also striving to solve their poverty issues
The poverty experienced by Salvation Army Housing (SAH) Common Ground Tasmania (CGT) tenants can be viewed in a number of ways. Tenants who were formerly homeless are all in receipt of a CommonwealthExpand
Homelessness in an Affluent Area
Community Housing: Revolution Betrayed?
Towards more sustainable Community Organisations for Older People
Over the last forty years sustainability theory has been developed as a tool for assessing the health and viability of businesses, communities and organisations (McKenzie 2004). This paper willExpand
A housing first place to call home