Jed Dean

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DNA 'assembly' from 'building blocks' remains a cornerstone in synthetic biology, whether it be for gene synthesis (∼ 1 kb), pathway engineering (∼ 10 kb) or synthetic genomes (>100 kb). Despite numerous advances in the techniques used for DNA assembly, verification of the assembly is still a necessity, which becomes cost-prohibitive and a logistical(More)
Assembly of DNA parts into DNA constructs is a foundational technology in the emerging field of synthetic biology. An efficient DNA assembly method is particularly important for high-throughput, automated DNA assembly in biofabrication facilities and therefore we investigated one-step, scarless DNA assembly via ligase cycling reaction (LCR). LCR assembly(More)
Frequently during evolution, new phenotypes evolved due to novelty in gene regulation, such as that caused by genome rewiring. This has been demonstrated by comparing common regulatory sequences among species and by identifying single regulatory mutations that are associated with new phenotypes. However, while a single mutation changes a single element,(More)
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