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The paper describes a new accurate two-dimensional (2D) image reconstruction method consisting of two steps. In the first step, the backprojected image is formed after taking the derivative of the parallel projection data. In the second step, a Hilbert filtering is applied along certain lines in the differentiated backprojection (DBP) image. Formulae for(More)
This paper is about helical cone-beam reconstruction using the exact filtered backprojection formula recently suggested by Katsevich (2002a Phys. Med. Biol. 47 2583-97). We investigate how to efficiently and accurately implement Katsevich's formula for direct reconstruction from helical cone-beam data measured in two native geometries. The first geometry is(More)
This paper describes a flexible new methodology for accurate cone beam reconstruction with source positions on a curve (or set of curves). The inversion formulas employed by this methodology are based on first backprojecting a simple derivative in the projection space and then applying a Hilbert transform inversion in the image space. The local nature of(More)
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