Jeb H. Flemming

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We present a miniaturized high-throughput sensor array that will augment biofuel technology by facilitating in situ biochemical measurements upon micrometer-scale surfaces of leaves, stems, or petals. We used semiconductor processing to photopattern Foturan glass wafers and fabricated gold-plated microscopic electrode needles (ElectroNeedles) that pierced(More)
Christopher Apblett, Kent Schubert, Bruce Kelley, Andrew Walker, Blake Simmons, Ted Borek, Stephen Meserole, Todd Alam, Brian Cherry, Greg Roberts, Jim Novak, Jim Hudgens, Dave Peterson, Jason Podgorski, Susan Brozik, Jeb Flemming, Stan Kravitz, David Ingersoll, Steve Eisenbies, Randy Shul, Sarah Rich, Carrie Schmidt, Mike Beggans, Jeanne Sergeant, Chris(More)
The challenge of modeling the organization and function of biological membranes on a solid support has received considerable attention in recent years, primarily driven by potential applications in biosensor design. Affinity-based biosensors show great promise for extremely sensitive detection of BW agents and toxins. Receptor molecules have been(More)
Amphiphilic phospholipids were used to direct the formation of biocompatible, uniform silica nanostructures in the presence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and bacterial cell lines. The cell surfaces organize multilayered phospholipid vesicles that interface coherently with the silica host and help relieve drying stresses that develop with conventional(More)
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