Jeannine Noyen

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Total Hg and MMHg concentrations were assessed in more than 350 fish and shellfish samples. Hg concentrations in Greater North Sea fish of prey range from 0.039 mg kg(-1) wet weight (ww; for ray) to 0.61 mg kg(-1) ww (for dogfish) and for all other fish species, from 0.045 mg kg(-1) ww (for plaice) to 0.33 mg kg(-1) ww (for sand sole), with 95 +/- 2% of the(More)
Of 732 consecutive patients admitted to an acute geriatric ward, 178 (24%) were found to be anaemic (haemoglobin of 115 g/l or below). An appropriate cause responsible for anaemia was identified in 83%. The anaemia of chronic disorders (ACD) (35%) and iron deficiency anaemia (15%) were the commonest causes. The spectrum of disorders associated with ACD is(More)
Levels of arsenic contamination in muscle and liver tissue of 25 sea fish and 4 shellfish species from the North Sea were determined. Analyses were done by both ICP-MS and HG-AFS to distinguish between nontoxic and toxic fractions of As. Highest total As concentrations were found in lemon sole, dogfish, ray, and witch. Average total As concentrations in(More)
A case of spontaneous fracture of the outlet catheter of a totally implantable venous access port (IVAP) is presented. Thirty-seven weeks after implantation, the outlet catheter was broken at the entrance into the left subclavian vein. The distal part was embolized in the left pulmonary artery. The embolized remnant was retrieved in an outpatient setting,(More)
BACKGROUND On 5 June 2012 several enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli, EHEC, O157:H7 infections were reported to the public health authorities of Limburg. METHODS We performed a case-control study, a trace back/forward investigation and compared strains isolated from human cases and food samples. A case was defined as anyone with a laboratory-confirmed E.(More)
We report on the low temperature electron spin resonance (ESR) properties of ultra-small (0.45 nm) double walled carbon nanotubes (DWCNTs) embedded in zeolite nanochannels. An isotropic ESR signal is observed at g(c) = 2.002 77 with the spin density (S = 1/2) ∼ 10(19) g(-1), which is suggested to originate from the carbon related point defects in the(More)
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