Jeannine Everhart

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In a population-based case-control study of pancreatic cancer conducted in three areas of the USA, 484 cases and 2099 controls were interviewed to evaluate the aetiologic role of several medical conditions/interventions, including diabetes mellitus, cholecystectomy, ulcer/gastrectomy and allergic states. We also evaluated risk associated with family history(More)
T he Internet's ascension from an obscure U.S. Department of Defense experiment to a cultural icon has been remarkable. In less than a decade, it has extended into nearly every facet of society, from commerce to education to gaming. As of August 2006, there were approximately 92 million Web sites [3]. With the sheer quantity of sites, evaluating their(More)
We observed the response of serum growth hormone (GH) and testosterone (T) to a progressive resistance strength training program. Basal levels (after a 12-h fast) of GH and T were measured in young (23 years) and elderly (63 years) subjects before and after a 12-week training program. The response of GH and T to an acute bout of exercise was also measured.(More)
Aging is associated with a decrease in glucose tolerance. In younger subjects both high and low intensity forms of exercise have been shown to improve glucose tolerance. The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether or not strength training in elderly subjects would have a positive effect upon glucose and insulin responsiveness following a(More)
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