Jeannie S. A. Lee

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A system is being created with the aim of providing news video to mobile devices, focusing on using an "interactive TV-channel" metaphor as one of the possible interaction modes. The user is presented a sequence of recommended news video clips and a set of operations to vote-up or vote-down a video to indicate its relevance. User-machine synergy is(More)
The emergence of networked mobile computing devices creates many opportunities for consumption of multimedia content on the move. However, such mobile devices have inherent resource constraints: low network bandwidth, small screen size, limited input methods and low commitment viewing. To facilitate access to news video on mobile devices, a prototype system(More)
Although small screen sizes and limited input methods are challenges for mobile devices, there are affordances like gestures and motion detection through on-device sensors. A prototype system has been implemented on a HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) mobile phone demonstrating an "adaptive TV-channel" like mixed-initiative interface used to solicit user relevance(More)
ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS My sincere thanks to my advisor Prof Nikil Jayant for his faith, support, and guidance during my PhD years. He has been a source of constant inspiration, and I have learnt from him a spectrum of things-the art grateful to my parents and my brother for their affection. Their love and prayers have been selfless and unconditional, and their(More)
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