Jeannie S. A. Lee

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A system is being created with the aim of providing news video to mobile devices, focusing on using an "interactive TV-channel" metaphor as one of the possible interaction modes. The user is presented a sequence of recommended news video clips and a set of operations to vote-up or vote-down a video to indicate its relevance. User-machine synergy is(More)
Although small screen sizes and limited input methods are challenges for mobile devices, there are affordances like gestures and motion detection through on-device sensors. A prototype system has been implemented on a HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) mobile phone demonstrating an "adaptive TV-channel" like mixed-initiative interface used to solicit user relevance(More)
• Media interaction software still cumbersome on mobile devices • Different watching styles on mobile devices: Short user attention span, low commitment, brief interaction intervals • Mobile devices pose engineering challenges e.g. limited network bandwidth, low screen resolution • Latency (perceived wait time) affects the user experience • Create a unified(More)
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