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PURPOSE To test that prospective delivery of higher thermal dose is associated with longer tumor control duration. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN 122 dogs with a heatable soft tissue sarcoma were randomized to receive a low (2-5 CEM43 degrees CT90) or high (20-50 CEM43 degrees CT90) thermal dose in combination with radiotherapy. Most dogs (90%) received four to six(More)
  • J Poulson
  • 1997
The management of diabetes mellitus is often complicated in patients with advanced cancer. Anorexia and nausea or vomiting make caloric intake erratic. The use of diabetogenic medications such as glucocorticoids can produce profound hyperglycemia. Many malignant tumors cause derangement in intermediary metabolism and abnormal glucose tolerance in up to(More)
Evaluating breast cancer stem cell response to antiangiogenic therapy" (2015). Open Access Theses. 502. ii Dedicated to My mother, Karen Holloway, for helping make me who I am today, Nicole Dunhan, for showing me where I'm going next, whose patience, flexibility, and insights were paramount to the completion of this work. I would also like to thank Drs.(More)
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