Jeannie Ducher

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Polyglot Cubed is an educational game to facilitate the learning of multiple languages. The game is an implementation of contemporary theories in motivation, education and entertainment. This document provides the results from a formal user evaluation of the game. This evaluation was designed to determine user defined difficulties in game experience and(More)
Online Course Evaluation 2 Introduction Distance education spans the development of correspondence course organized after the arrival of postal services in the 19 th century, to the delivery of instruction through radio, television, and other media in the 20 th century (Phipps & Merisotis, 1999). The paradigm of learning and instruction has been(More)
The effects of five beta blockers on the central nervous system of healthy subjects was studied by computerized EEG analysis. All subjects underwent continuous recording with a Holter magnetic type recorder during the experimental period. For 10 consecutive days, five groups of subjects received alternately placebo and the beta blockers acebutolol 600 mg,(More)
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