Jeannette Winkelhage

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In all industrial countries publicly funded health care systems are confronted with budget constraints. Therefore, priority setting in resource allocation seems inevitable. This paper examines whether personal characteristics could be taken into consideration when allocating health services in Germany, and whether attitudes towards prioritizing health care(More)
Although the German health care system has budget constraints similar to many other countries worldwide, a discussion on prioritization has not gained the attention of the public yet. To probe the acceptance of priority setting in medicine, a quantitative survey representative for the German public (n = 2031) was conducted. Here we focus on the results for(More)
Personal responsibility for one’s health is frequently discussed when deciding on health-care allocation and corresponding costs. We address two questions: (1) Which health-related behavior qualifies for private contributions to treatment costs in the view of the German public? (2) Do acceptance rates for copayments depend on specific characteristics of the(More)
Background: The opinion of physicians clearly counts in prioritizing health care, but there is little information on the rationales underlying treatment decisions and whether these rationales are accepted by patients. Objective: To compare physicians and patients regarding their understanding and use of therapeutic benefit and treatment costs as criteria(More)
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